What Energies Are You Using to Sabotage You?

Psychological Reversal...

Psychological Reversal is a widespread phenomenon where just as you are about to have everything you desire, you create a situation to destroy it.  


Limiting Success

Perhaps you are on the brink of success and you create a situation to spoil it, or maybe you feel more comfortable being stressed and unhappy, possibly you value having challenges, or you are actually expecting times of peace and well-being to come to an end. In other words, you are not actually energetically congruent with whatever it is you're asking for.


It is a pattern of self-sabotage, in which you subconsciously magnetize misery and unhappiness or have difficulty maintaining a state of joy and possibility.

Here's What You'll Learn

What is required to break this cycle? What are the most powerful tools available to change these deeply entrenched patterns of self sabotage?

In this potent call, Dr. Adriana Popescu assists you in breaking free from the energies that create the psychological reversal, changing the points of view which lead you to self-sabotage, and opening to you being energetically congruent with all that you are asking for in life.



Let's Change These Patterns

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