The Energy of Magic

What if everything was so much more magic than you ever imagined?

What did you stop believing as a child that is ready to wake up now?


Conscious Recovery Workbook

Conscious Recovery is a ground breaking and effective approach to viewing and treating addiction that can transform your life.

TJ Woodward and Dr. Adriana Popescu are changing the conversation about addiction, because they recognize that underneath all addictive behavior is an Essential Self that is whole and perfect.

TJ Woodward's Conscious Recovery Method moves beyond simply treating behaviours and symptoms.


Conscious Being Workbook

The Conscious Being Workbook is a compelling resource for those seeking self-realization.

It serves as a guide for awakened living, which is a state of higher clarity and presence and is a more natural condition than many are aware exists within each of us.

Its aim is not to provide definitive answers, but to introduce questions that can assist you in accessing your own inner wisdom and rediscover your true nature.


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