Overcoming Social Anxiety

What if you could have total ease in social situations? 


What would it be like if you could speak clearly and confidently with others?


How much more could you create if you changed the limiting beliefs and fears behind social anxiety?

Social anxiety can range from moderate shyness and resistance to engaging with people, to severe agoraphobia. Some individuals with social anxiety feel trapped in a life of loneliness and isolation while others turn to drugs, alcohol or addictive behaviors in order to cope. Sometimes the stigma and the labels (shy, withdrawn, antisocial, unpopular, anxiety-prone) of those with social anxiety create a self-fulfilling prophecy they just can’t move beyond.  
No matter where you fall on the spectrum of social anxiety, or how you’ve been handling it, what can the tools of Energy Psychology and Access Consciousness® contribute to you having more ease and confidence in social situations?  
My name is Dr. Adriana Popescu and I have worked with thousands of clients on the topic of social anxiety. I have found that there are powerful tools, techniques and strategies that can allow you to go beyond social anxiety and have more ease and fun in social situations and in every aspect of your life.
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In this 90-minute class I am sharing tools and leading you through some powerful anxiety-melting exercises.

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